Free Reviews

free reviews booksI am offering free review for authors, craft people, artists and any other that capture my imagination. I love reviewing books, art, clothes, crafty things or anything else that I fall in love with. I enjoy helping others by telling the world just how wonderful they are.

When I first started to post reviews I accepted anything and everything for review. Now I am more selective, and I review the things I love. I am looking for the creations that speak to my heart.

I love reading but books that speak to me in some way.  I am interested in many genres of books so long as they are not to dark or ‘adult content.’  So long as its interesting I will probably want to read it.

I will review artists and crafts people who  I feel called to.  Things that speak to my soul will be amongst those reviewed.



I prefer hard copies, but I am willing to accept pdfs, audios and mobi version if it something I especially love.

I also post reviews on Amazon UK, Amazon USA and this blog.


Other Products

I will post reviews an amazon UK, and this blog. Please contact me if interested.


Honest Reviewing

I will always try to find positives in what you have to offer, and post honest reviews. Sometimes this will not be possible.  I understand people have put a lot of hard work into their offering, and I have decided I will not post a negative review. As a result if I feel I cannot post a positive review I will not post a review at all.