Dinosaurs – Usborne Beginners

usborne dinosaursDinosaurs is another great book from Usborne beginners. Dinosaurs are a subject that so may children seem to enjoy.

It starts of by explaining what a dinosaur is, and the sort of world that they lived in.  It then explains the there were many different types of dinosaurs.  Some were big, some were small, some were plant eaters and some just ate each other.

It explains a little about specific dinosaurs. The diagrams are colourful to say the least. As the book explains nobody really knows what colour their skin was. One thing for sure is if they were this colour…..they certainly lit up the planet.

It finishes with dinosaurs as they are today . . . .fossils . This is an interesting look at a piece of history that we are still learning about. A fascinating little book.



How big were dinosaurs and what did they eat? Which were friendly and which were scary? For children beginning to read on their own, this book is an exciting introduction to dinosaurs, featuring easy-to-read text specially written with the help of a reading expert.

usborne beginners

Your Body: Usborne Beginners

usborne beginnersYour Body is a great little science book for young children. It really helps them to get to grips with the basics. It covers all the main points, at least briefly, starting with the skeleton, and then the muscles.

It then explains the process of breathing, followed by the heart.  Then we get to the brain and all the wondrous things that the mind can do. This then logically moves on to the nerves.

After that it highlights the eyes, then ears and the teeth.  After the teeth the next feature is the digestive system. Then where does food end up? Of course the next chapter is called the water works, and I think we all know what that means.

We then move on in a not so logical way to the skin, and finishing of with the immune system.

This is a good book that is very educational especially for young children.

‘Usborne Beginners’ titles appeal to children who are beginning to read independently, with easy-to-read text and excellent photographs, they are perfect for use in the classroom and at home.

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Usborne Little Book of Horses and Ponies Book Review

usborne horse and poniesUsborne Little Book of Horses and Ponies covers a whole range of information in a simple way so it is possible for young children to learn and understand.

It starts with a brief history of horses and then goes onto the difference between horses and ponies. Then it says a little about the different types of equines that you may come across.

It then touches on the different colours that horses come in. It helps children to understand the different terms that are used.

We then move on with foals, and horse behaviour, and onto breaking in and riding the horse.  It does touch onto some of the more controversial uses of horses such as in circuses, and portrays it in a positive light. This is worth bearing in mind before you buy the book if it is something you are against,

The book then moves onto the care of the horses, such as stabling and feeding,

There is also a little piece about how to draw a horse.

This book does pack a lot of information into a small book, and what it there is accurate. The author is clearly knowledgeable on their subject.

As many children who are reading this book may be learning to ride it is a shame that the letters around a dressage ring aren’t featured.  There is also  have I stated above a couple of potentially controversial topics.
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queen of steal and fire

The Queen of Steel and Fire Book Review

queen of steal and fireThis book was a pleasant surprise. At the beginning is not the best, and reads a little like I had read it all before, somewhere else. Yet, there were soon some very interesting twists and turns that really spiced the book up.
This is a fantasy book which is interesting and has some amazing twists to it.
It is over 400 pages long, and I do think some of that could be edited. As I have stated before though this is a personal preference.

There is a lot of detail in this fantasy world. It is easy to visualise and feel a part of.

Claire is a cool character. She is fascinating and a little bit feisty.  She is young at 16 years old, and it shows, but she also constantly demonstrates what a remarkable young lady she is turning into as she grows up.

Every good fantasy book needs a baddie, and this book doesn’t disappoint  Most importantly though there are dragons – how can you not love a book with a dragon in it?

Product Description
A murdered king. A young princess thrust onto the throne. An enemy queen, lusting for an empire. A war that will engulf an entire world in steel and fire.

When her father is murdered, sixteen-year-old princess Claire Erinn must become the first female ruler of Keldaren. As soon as Claire takes the throne, enemies arise on her borders–and from within her own court.

Claire knows she’s not ready to rule. But that’s a secret she has to hide—from her enemies, and from her own people. Claire must act like a strong queen if she hopes to survive long enough to become one.

As war looms, Claire struggles to save her kingdom, and herself. A rival queen and Claire’s half-mad brother are both coming for her crown—and her head.

With Death herself hunting her, Claire must become the warrior her kingdom needs. She’s willing to face Death to save Keldaren. But the price of victory may be even higher than Claire’s life.

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