The Shadow of The Hare

The Shadow of the Hare was a Easter special that first appeared on the BBC in 1993. It explores the history of the hare and its symbolism I remember watching it all those years ago and recently a friend sent me this link, which I thought I would share here.
It is a gem of a show. It is brilliantly researched and put together. The music features Maddy Prior’s Fabled Hare which is one of those songs that I can never get bored off.
Hares run over the British countryside and seem to be so part and parcel of this country. Yet, there are not natives and humans have made these beautiful creatures suffer.

Portmeirion, Wales


 Portmeirion is a quirky town on the coast of North Wales. Those of you that are old enough may remember it from the British TV show, ‘The Prisoner,’ or those of you that are like me will now google and possibly end up watching it on DVD.

We have been 3 times now, and it seems to be always misty but that may be because we go out of season, but when it is sunny it is gorgeous and when it is misty it has a different sort of magic.

cake by Sophiscaked woodhall spa It was my son’s birthday and he wanted his birthday cake to look like his toy dog. After much searching we came across a Sophisticake in Woodhall Spa who created this doggy masterpiece.  Take a look at her Facebook page for more amazing cakes.

Portmeirion is a town of follies. Everything is out of place. Maybe that is what is so appealing; it has the same feeling of organised chaos that life offers, The people you meet in Wales have to be some of the most loveliest people that you can meet. They are a nation of open hearts. i hope to go to Wales again sometime this year and maybe explore other areas as well as returning to Portmeirion. There are many beautiful places in Wales and it will be nice to explore the more Welsh areas

portmeirion-wonky steps



As you may know I love unicorns, and so this building is just the kind of place that I am attracted to. One day i would love to stay in this building. I have no idea what it is like inside, but I am sure it will be of the usual high standard and it has a unicorn on it so what more could I want.


One  of the reasons I love Portmeirion is that fact that it is quirky. Quirkiness always attracts me and yet it also has a quaintness to it. There is something different about it, something unique. I like that.

Below are some photos i have taken of Portmeirion. I hope you enjoy viewing them and I hope to visit again soon.




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Tintagel Cornwall in the Snow

tintagel cornwall tintagel cornwall 1 tintagel cornwall 3 tintagel cornwall 2 tintagel cornwall 4

There is something quite magical about bleak weather. These photos were taken in close to Tintagel Cornwall a few years ago.

Although when these photos were taken the cars were able to get down the road earlier the road had been in a worse condition.

One car attempted to drive down the road slowly….whilst continuously sliding sideways. It took him over half an hour to get along this stretch of road. Other people were more successful. One person who managed to move at great speed was a surfer. Yes a man stood on his surfboard raced past at high speeds. It appeared to be the way to travel.



Donna Nook Seals, Lincolnshire – November 2013

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The seals at Donna Nook seals in Lincolnshire are one of those sites that is worth seeing. it is nature at its best. The only ‘manmade,’ elements that are there are designed to help protect the seals from the never ending stream of humans coming to have a look.

The seals are only there a short time around November each year in order to give birth. A beach full of seals and pups is quite an amazing sight. The volunteers on hand could not do better. They are friendly and helpful. This is one of the few times that humans can get to see seals out of the water and yet in the wild.  There is something quite magical about this event.

All to often children and adults only seal creatures such as seals in zoos and sanctuaries. This is one of the few chances in life to see them as nature intended them to be. There is a small shop, information boards and little quizzes. it is quite easy to spend several hours at Donna Nook and never get bored. This is regarded as one of the best places in Britain to view the grey seals and it is easy to see why,

The path to the seals is long, but flat and wide so the majority of disabled people probably will be able to access the viewing area. There is parking available.

The reserves itself is made up of sand dunes, slacks and inter-tidal areas, so there is much to see here even when the seals are not there.

Donna Nook is also a practice bombing range. So if red flags are flying it might be a good idea to stay of the beach.

The pictures above where taken by me the day before the high tides in November 2013. The reserve was badly damaged but the majority of seals survived. On the day I went you could see the seals sensed the on coming danger and had gathered at the fence as though they were pleading to go to higher ground. The volunteers removed the fencing a few hours later and the seals escaped the tides.