Breaking Up Is Hard To Do Book Review

breaking up is hard to doBreaking up is hard to do by Sue Coleman that I wish had come into my life sooner. The advice in it is just what I needed to hear. It would have said my a ton of heartache. Whether or not I would have listened to the advice whilst blinded by love is a another matter, but this is exactly what I needed to hear.

Sometimes the guys we date are just no good for us. We hope that we can change them or that some how they will not treat us the same way that they have treated others. The chances that we are right are remote, and the quicker we wake up and realise that the better.

When it comes to dating both partners should be treated with respect. If you are not getting the respect you deserve then its time to leave.

This book is like talking to your best friend who is just full of great advice. You know you should listen as you know she is making sense. This is the sort of book you should read every time you date, and think does my new partner fall into any of these chapters.

What I also love about this book is the CD packed full of original songs. Each song relates to part of the book. The songs are fantastic. I love the idea as I and many others do adopt songs to sum up how we feel about love and past relationships. This book does the job for you.

What is really special about this book though is that is the sort of book I could gift to friends. It is the book that says all the things I am trying to tell in a lot better way then I can express. It is also the book should lock be in a room with next time I date the wrong one or I start to feel guilty about ending a relationship.