Usborne Geography Encyclopaedia Book Review

usbourne geographyThe Usborne Geography Encyclopaedia with Complete World Atlas is not only a long title but a fairly hefty book. This is the sort of book you can use to press flowers in when you are fed up of reading it.

It does cover a range of subjects starting with the solar system and planet earth. Well it is always good to know where about it space we are, just in case we need to get back home in our space rockets.

There is more logic to this than that though. It then goes on to explain what causes the seasons and day and night. Then we learn more about the earth itself and all that it gives to us.

The next section focuses of earthquakes and volcanoes. How they are caused and the impact they have.

The next section is about rives and oceans. This is followed the weather, the climate and different eco systems such as the rainforests.

From there we go on a journey around the world looking at the different continents and the people that live there.

This book is full of pictures and maps. There is a lot of things to learn about in this book, although all the subjects are only briefly touched upon.  It does also feature internet links so that you can do your own research too.
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Elephants Usborne Beginners Book Review

elephants usborne beginners Elephants from Usborne Beginners is a brilliant introduction to the topic.

It explains the difference between African and Asian elephants, in a clear way.

It also shows how elephant’s use their trunks and their tusks.  It explains how elephants live together in family groups and communicate with each other.

This is a beautiful educational book, which really captures a child imagination.

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Buy from Elephants (Usborne Beginners)


This is a lively introduction to the fascinating world of elephants, complete with amazing photographs, step-by-step illustrations, and weird and wonderful facts. With easy-to-read text specially written with the help of a reading expert, aimed at children who are beginning to read on their own. Part of the exciting Beginners series, now containing more than 45 titles on topics ranging from ‘Cowboys’ and ‘Rubbish and Recycling’, to ‘The Solar System’

usborne beginners rainforest

Rainforests Usborne Beginners Book Review

usborne beginners rainforestRainforests from the Usborne beginners series is a great introduction to the topic. This book is aimed at young children, but is packed full of information.

Rainforests are  a great subject to study on their own, or as a longer project such as monkeys.

It explains about the different layers of the rainforest, and what each one contains.  It then explores the different plants and beasts that live there.

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This is a brand new addition to the “Beginners” series, each of which is designed to provide an informative introduction to non-fiction subjects for young readers. It offers a terrific reading practice for children who prefer fact to fiction. It is developed with a reading expert from Roehampton University to help young readers grow in confidence. It offers great value for money

usborne beginners owls

Owls Usborne Beginners Book Review

usborne beginners owlsOwls is another part of the Usborne Beginners series. This is yet another educational book that will probably teach a thing or two to some adults, let alone the child.

It starts of explaining that owls are awake during the night and sleep during the day.  That they can be found all over the world in a range of different habitats.

There is a short explanation about the way that owls hunt. It also demonstrates how they are capable of camouflaging themselves. It also shows that not all owls build their nests in trees. These are a bird that can literally be found anywhere.

There then is a short piece about them laying eggs and hatching them, and what happens to the little owlets that are born, and when they start growing up.

Its features eagle owls, barn owls, snowy owls, boreal, scops, tawny, burrowing and shorted eared owls.

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Owls, the most fascinating of all birds, have captivated peoples’ imaginations for centuries. Their association with wisdom, their inscrutible gaze and their nocturnal activities give them an air of mystery. This book will give you a surprising amount of information, and tell you all you need to know about the many different types of owls and how they live. It is part of an extensive series of easy-reading reference books.


Dinosaurs – Usborne Beginners

usborne dinosaursDinosaurs is another great book from Usborne beginners. Dinosaurs are a subject that so may children seem to enjoy.

It starts of by explaining what a dinosaur is, and the sort of world that they lived in.  It then explains the there were many different types of dinosaurs.  Some were big, some were small, some were plant eaters and some just ate each other.

It explains a little about specific dinosaurs. The diagrams are colourful to say the least. As the book explains nobody really knows what colour their skin was. One thing for sure is if they were this colour…..they certainly lit up the planet.

It finishes with dinosaurs as they are today . . . .fossils . This is an interesting look at a piece of history that we are still learning about. A fascinating little book.



How big were dinosaurs and what did they eat? Which were friendly and which were scary? For children beginning to read on their own, this book is an exciting introduction to dinosaurs, featuring easy-to-read text specially written with the help of a reading expert.