There's a Shark in the Bath . . . it is no wonder that there will be problems.  The shark isn't alone he has brought along his wife and child.  If that wasn't bad enough the sharks are hungry. Will Dulcie manage to outwit the sharks and not be eaten or get into trouble with her parents?

This is a crazy little story. Dulcie is a girl who is amazing. She is strong minded and quick thinker. She is an inspiration  She knows exactly what to do whenever you find a shark or three in your bath.

This is a funny book which is brilliantly written and illustrated by Sarah McIntyre

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About the Author Sarah McIntyre

Writer and illustrator Sarah McIntyre burst out of Camberwell College of the Arts in the summer of 2007. She tried to run away to sea, but instead found herself toiling for long hours over a work desk to create marvellous little books and pictures. Her dream job would put her on a masted ship, climbing the rigging and keeping a fastidious illustrated log of the weird and wonderful plants and animals she encounters on her voyages. In the meantime, she happily roves along London's river bank on her bicycle and pokes around in the mud for shiny objects at low tide.

Her picture book work includes illustrating 'Morris the Mankiest Monster' by Giles Andreae, 'You Can't Eat a Princess!' by Gillian Rogerson and 'When Titus Took the Train' by Anne Cottringer. She now has a few book deals up her sleeve to illustrate books she's written herself. She tries to post a drawing or review an event on her blog every day:


Wish Fish is a story about Ozzie Otter who finds a wish fish, but it eacapes before he can make a wish. Can anyone help him find it again?

Usbourne First Readers  are aimed at children who are just starting to read. There are between 4 and 10  words on each page, so it is easy for children to feel that they are progressing through the book. They are ideal books to read with children.

The illustrations are bright, and colourful. They fit into the book perfectly. The story is fun and one that children want to read until the end.  This is a great book for kids.

At the back of the book are puzzles such as put the pictures in the right order. Which words describe the fish and which describe the otter.

This is an amazing book for children. It is everything that a good book should be.  Wish Fish is attractive to look at and great to read. The pages are shiny and the animals are full of expression.

The Wish Fish is based on an old folk tale, which is known in many countries.

Wish Fish was written by Lesley Sim and illustrated by Milke Gordan.

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Hopping Mad is a part of the Ready. Steady Read series produced by Little Tiger Press. It is written by Michael Catchpool and it is illustrated by David Roberts.

This is a great little book, with a fun story about frogs. It has a moral to it about not being greedy and respecting that animals may have a mind of their own.

The story is good.  The illustrations are amazing and really show of the froggy fun. These are real expressionate frogs and the true stars of the book.

hopping mad ready steady read hopping mad ready steady read

Fred has five frogs. Finn has five. And when ten frogs get together, it's party time! Hopping and bopping, jumping and jiving, all night long. But all this froggy madness is making Fred and Finn go hopping mad!

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the royal broomstickThe Royal Broomstick is an illustrated children's book.  It is written by Heather Amery and illustrated by Stephen Cartwright.  This is a book that is aimed at children who are starting to read on their own.

The storyline is simple. Two royal  children find their grandma's broomstick in the castle. The broomstick takes off with them on it and they go on a magical flight to rescue their pet cat.

This is a great story. It captures the fun of being a child and being able to disappear of on amazing adventures and then keeping it a secret.

This book has been read several times in our house, and it is one of those books that we keep coming back to time and time again.

royal broomstick       royal broomstick

The illustrations are bright and the text is clean.   There are around 15 words per page and there are 16 pages. This means it is an ideal size to read without feeling overwhelmed. It also means that the child gets the satisfaction of finishing the book.


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Buy at -The Royal Broomstick (Usborne first stories)


wizard of oz read it yourselfWizard of Oz - Read it Yourself is a Ladybird Level 4 illustrated children's book. It is of course a re-telling of the classic story of Dorothy getting whisked away to the land of Oz. There she must follow the yellow brick road to the Emerald City, and kill a few witches along the way. Along the way she meets the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion,  and the Scarecrow.

Ladybird books are always lovely. This is another beautifully produced book. It is a great book which gives a child the confidence to read on their own.

wizard of oz read it yourself

This book is 48 pages long.  The illustrations are lovely. They capture the mood of the book perfectly.  They capture the tone of the story.

wizard f oz read it yourself


Despite the 'scary,' bits such as where Dorothy is carried away by the flying monkeys to the witch's castle. It isn't the sort of scary to frighten children. It still is fun and yet it does not lose the essence of the original.


The Wizard of Oz is a Level Four Read it Yourself book from Ladybird

Read it yourself is a learning to read series of classic, traditional stories with four levels of difficulty to suit the stage your child is at with reading.

Written in a simple way for young readers, they will build their confidence in learning to read as they progress through each level. Familiar fairytales and exciting stories will amuse children and encourage them to progress further with this series and become confident readers.

Each book in the Read it yourself with Ladybird series is carefully structured to include many everyday words that are vital for first reading/beginner readers. They also contain clear, beautiful pictures for extra support and interest. Extra puzzle questions at the end of each book further help with comprehension.

This Read it yourself version of The Wizard of Oz is a level 4 title and so suitable for children who are eager to read longer stories independently. The story is full and exciting with a richer and more varied vocabulary.

Trust Ladybird to help your child learn to read and become a confident reader.
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