The Magic of Cats

There is no doubt that cats are magical. Anyone who has ever shared a home with a cat will tell you how they magical shrink to fit into the tiniest box.
Cats believe that they should be worshipped and indeed in ancient Egypt they were worshipped. The goddess Bast was the cat headed deity of Egypt. In Egypt killing a cat was a crime and for a good reason. Cats kill mice and mice eat precious grain, without cats Egyptians would struggle to survive the winter. Cat amulets, mummies and sarcophagi were common. It is even said that cats were kept in sanctuaries in Egypt and waited on hand and foot by priests….and this appears to something that cats have never forgotten.
Yet Egyptians were not the only people to consider cats as sacred creatures. King Charles I of England owned a black cat that he adored so much that guards protected it 24 hours so the king’s luck would remain. You may believe that his cat was nothing more than a cat, but the day after the cat died the king was arrested.

cat folklore
Cats also feature in mythology. The Roman hunter goddess Diana once morphed into a cat and cats were thought to be under her protection. The Norse goddess Freya; goddess of love, beauty and war managed to train her cats to pull her chariot. Whilst the Welsh goddess Ceridwen was attended to by white cats and they carried out her orders whilst they walked the earth.
Cats of course are also associated with witches especially black cats. It was believed that witches could shape shift into the form of a cat. Cats were also the familiar or magical companion to many witches. In Britain and Australia black cats are considered lucky especially if they cross your path, whilst in America they are considered unlucky and as a result often struggle to find a home. Sadly it is this reputation that means that black cats often spend months waiting for a loving home at your nearby rescue centre.
In Britain it was common for mummified cats to be built into buildings. It is thought that they offered protection from mice and rats and possibly even evil spirits. They are often posed with mummified rats. Most mummified cats had died before they were mummified; sadly there is also evidence that some were alive when they were buried. These cats became spiritual guardians of the house or building in which they were buried.
Cat paw prints were also used to protect buildings. There are many places in England where cat paw prints are imported onto walls in order to offer a magical protection.
Cat hair and bones were often used in magical charms. Yet black cats were sometimes thought to be possessed by demons. Cats are also associated with fertility and are thought to be able to bless people so that they may become parents.




Why Stories are Important

why stories are importantStories are sometimes seen as something that belong to childhood.  There is no importance placed upon them. Yet, we are all storytellers for stories are what make our lives. Without them we are not just nobodies we become nothing at all.

Stories can provide a direct way forward in life.  Every story contains some element of truth. Storytellers may wrap it up in strange packaging, or they may try to change parts – but under it all there is a real story.  We use them so that we can understand more about life.  They teach us about our past, and how we can change our future.

Stories are a way to connect with others.  They help us learn how to cope with the world around us. Together we can learn from each other experiences.  We can learn to see the story from the other person’s point of view. They connect the past, with the present and  can help us to create our futures.  They can connect us with our ancestors and future generations.  By sharing our stories we invite others into our world.

Yet, storytelling also offers something more personal. It allows us to to release our story. To grow and transform.  Our stories can make a difference to our own world and our stories can make a difference to the world. There are times when the right story can literally save your life, or at the very least change it for the better.

Feelings do not just go away. We can go to endless therapists, and do never ending healing exercises, but we need to weave a story that transform our experiences and gives meaning. We need them so that we can understand our pain.

Often, when things go wrong we hide our pain. In time it grows, and turns into a scary monster.  We can lose the power to create stories as we become so afraid of what is inside of ourselves.

When we have stories we can see that we are woven into this world, this universe. We can see that we are meant to be, that we have our own story to tell. that we too are important.

Foxes Unearthed A Story of Love and Loathing

I recently read Foxes Unearthed A Story of Love and Loathing in Modern Britain by Lucy Jones. Foxes are an animal that have fascinated me for years.

As a child I saw a fox hunt in full chase.  I screamed, ‘run,’ to the fox. It was a natural instinct as what I saw looked so terrible. One fox being chased by a pack of dogs and people of horseback – it seemed an equal match. There seemed to be an unfairness to it.


I grew older and spent time at stable yards. Foxes would often come near. I remember one year watching a fox and her cubs playing in the field. They came daily, and we would just sit and watch them play. The horses did not mind them being there. The foxes brought up happiness and joy.

When I have walked when it is dark or dawn has just broken I would see foxes. Often they would be in touching distance. Some foxes would even brush against my leg, and I would bend down and pat them mistaking them for a dog.

They never threatened me, nor they did they fear me. To be honest, most of them just went about their business as though I was not there.

As I write this I often see two foxes. One of them passes by my gate every night, and one of them  lives  near the cricket pitch. I look out for them, and I enjoy seeing them.

Yet, I have also known people who support fox hunter. These people are actually quite nice, and they are intelligent. They cannot be painted as bad people, at least in my mind.

I have seen chickens ripped apart, and I have talked to the people who loath foxes. I know there are two sides to this beautiful creature.  As with all things in nature there is dark and light. Things are not so straight forward.

We live in a man-made world. Even the countryside is made by man.  Bigger animals have been hunted to extinction and fields are cultivated. Even the middle of the countryside is no longer wild in the true sense.  I often wondered if my romantic side was running away with me.  Could I be seeing foxes in a better light than what I should?

This book went through all these types of experiences and gave facts about all of them. It answered many of my questions about foxes, and how I should view them.

Foxes Unearthed a Story or Love and Loathing

Time Slips – Do They Really Exist?

Time slips appear  in fantasy and science fiction, but is there any truth behind them? When time slips a person or group of people travels through time.  How they time travel is often unexplained and  does not  involve a time machine.

One of the first mentions of time slips appears in “A Connecticut Yankee in King’s Arthur’s Court,” by Mark Twain. In this book a man from Connecticut is accidentally transported back in time to King Arthur’s court. He is thought to be a magician, but, uses his knowledge of engineering to create what appears to be magic. Since then time slips have appeared in many works of fiction. Yet, Time Slips may not be simply fiction.

time slips


The Evidence of Time Slips

One of the first people to question the reality of time was Angelus Silesius. He was a 6th century philosopher and poet, who was quoted as saying;

“Time is of your own making
clock ticks in your head
The moment you stop thought
Time too stops dead”

He isn’t the only person to question time. There is a small group of scientists who disagree with the “Time is a river” theory. They believe that all time periods exist simultaneously. These scientists think we are locked into our time period by the vibration frequency of our body. Therefore, a time slip can occur when the body changes its vibration frequency.


Einstein’s Theory

Einstein pointed out that the flow of time is actually relative to the speed one is travelling. How fast you move effects time. As we speed up, time slows down. This was once demonstrated by using two atomic clocks. One was kept on the ground, whilst the other was taken aboard a jet and flown up as high as possible for several hours. When the “flying clock” returned to earth it was found to be slightly slower than the one on the ground. Time itself had slowed down.

Einstein argued that time was the fourth dimension, and that space is curved. Whilst we are aware and can move around the first three we are normally trapped by the fourth.

There is some evidence to suggest that he is right. The total mass of the universe does curve in upon itself and there is a very complicated mathematical formula to demonstrate this fact. If you send a space ship set off in a straight line it would eventually end up back where it began. Just as if you set off around the world in a straight line you would end up where you began.

Space and time are said to be the same thing – therefore if space is curved, so is time.

Other Theories About How Time Slips Occur

One theory is that they are caused by a momentary blankness of the mind which causes time to stop. When time stops it is possible to go through a time slip.

Another theory is that it is a form of psychometry. This is where touching an object relays its past to you. In a time slip instead of just seeing the past in your mind you travel through time and live it.

It can also be a form of haunting where a scene plays out over and over for eternity, and present day people can sometimes witness  it. This theory links with the scientific explanation above – time slips are often reported during electrical storms where the vibrational frequencies can be affected.

Black Holes and Time Slips

A Black hole is a star, which has burnt up all its fuel. Once there is no more hydrogen for a star to burn up it begins to collapse in upon itself, with its gravitational force increasing as it collapses. This collapse continues, increasing the gravitational pull, until there is virtually nothing left but a small sphere with has an incredible mass. So much so that even light cannot escape the gravity of a black hole. This is why it is known as a black hole -as it reflects no light.

Nobody has yet got close enough to a black hole to find out how time is effected but, it is assumed time would slow down causing visual and time distortion.

Once we get into the sub atomic level even the order of events can break down. Cause and affect no longer matter. Things can have no causes or happen before the cause took place.



Kerr Holes

Kerr holes may also exist -these are rotating black holes which could be used for time travel or travel to parallel universes. The theory is a dying star collapses into a rotating ring of neutrons, that produces sufficient centrifugal force to prevent the formation of a singularity. Without a singularity Kerr believed it would be safe to enter the black hole without being crushed. He then thought it may be possible to travel through the hole and exit though a white hole that would have the opposite effect of a black hole pushing everything away from it so time travel would be possible.


Wormholes also known as Einstein-Rosen bridges. These are a tunnel like structure which some people believe exists. If they exist, they would allow time travel, and allow us to travel light years away from earth within a short period of time.

Einstein’s theory of relativity is used to explain the theory behind wormholes. That any mass curves space time. If masses placed pressure on parts of the universe, then a tunnel could eventually form a wormhole.


Whilst Time Slips may not have been proven to exist, there is a possibility that they do.

The Day I Was Mistaken For a Ghost

Have you ever been mistaken for a ghost? I have. As you may know, England is home to many ghosts. There seems to be one everywhere you look. There are some places that have so many ghosts that you can hardly move for them.

A few years ago I lived close to a wood that is said to be haunted. Monks and two sisters haunt this area. It is home to fairies and a variety of other supernatural beings.  Here you will find hidden treasure, if you are lucky and hear the silver bell that sounded long ago. It is a place of magic and mystery.


ghost in the woods

Why I Was In the Woods

I like walking and enjoy walking in these woods. It are a safe place to be and safer than the road which has no pavement or grass verge to walk on. The roads are full of blind bends and fast flowing traffic. They are a scary place to walk. I can drive but, feel no need to own a car.

The choice between them is easy, at least for someone like me. Walking down the road can take twenty minutes, and going through the woods take longer. The happiness and joy that natures holds is well worth the extra time. I enjoy seeing how nature changes season to season.

In the summer many people visit the area.  One day I walked towards the stream.  A woman and her young daughter were looking into the stream on the opposite side. The stream fascinated them, and it appeared to entrance the mother. Her  eyes were focused upon the water.  The child seemed to be more aware of what was happening around her.


Why I was Mistaken for a Ghost

I am the sort of person that walks quietly.  I do not mean to, it just comes natural. That day I wore a white dress, and  this goes some way to explain what happened.

I neared the bridge. It was then that the woman became aware of me. She suddenly looked towards me. She screamed. Her scream was loud and fearful. I did not know how to react so, I froze to the spot. What do you do when someone screams at you? Her daughter did not know why her mother was screaming, and she looked puzzled.

When the woman stopped screaming she said

‘Oh sorry I thought you were a ghost.’

It is one of the those moments when my brain was still trying to catch up with what had happened.

‘It’s fine,’ I said, ‘it happens all the time’ and with that I went I continued on my way.


I have no idea why I claimed it happened all the time. It was just something to say. What else could I say to someone who had just screamed at me?