Puff the Magic Dragon Book Review


Puff the Magic Dragon

A beautifullu poetic book that captures the essence of magic that dragons hold. The story of a young boy and his adventures with his magical dragon friend. Its a story of growing older and losing  that part of childhood where everything is so simple.

Puff the Magic Dragon is a dragon that it is so easy to fall in love with and  find yourself reading the book over and over again. It is mesmerising.

puff the magic dragonThe illustrations are outstanding.  They add so much to the book and really bring the story to life.  The storyline simple but enjoyable.

It is of course a timeless book that will stay in people’s hearts long after they have left their childhood years behind.  It’s a book that every child should read or have it read to them. Although, of course, in the story Jackie Paper does lose interest and leaves his dragon friend behind.

The book is adapted from the song written by Leonard Lipton and Peter Yarrow, and made famous by Peter’s group Peter, Paul and Mary in 1963.

This version comes complete with a CD which features Puff the Magic Dragon (normal version and instrumental), Froggie Went a Cortin’ and The Blue Tail Fly.  It is a lovely CD and adds that little extra special touch to the book.

Mark and the Magic Apple Tree Book Review

childrens illustrated book

Children’s Illustrated Book

Mark and the Magic Apple is an children’s illustrated book written by Roser Bosch and illustrated by Sara Sanchez. I would recommend it for age 10 and under.

Mark is a character that is easy to love and find annoying all in the same breath. He is exactly the type of boy brothers are meant to be,

The book has a good moral storyline but a sense of fun and magic. So step inside the enchanted wood and join Mark on his adventure . . .

The Cover

The cover is clean, and bright. It has a sense of mischievous to it, and I have to admit I love it. It is the sort of cover I would walk across a shop for just to get a closer look. It does its job well at gaining the reader’s attention

The Illustrations

childrens illustrated bookSomehow they seem to melt into the page so that they become one with the page. They have a dream like quality to them.

They tell the story well and have the same spirit of fun that the text of the book has.  I think it would be hard to find an illustrator who could capture the magic of this book better.

The Story

Mark is forever hungry and no matter how much he eats he still wants more. His family are getting slightly fed up with him eating all the food in the house and leaving them nothing to eat.

Then Mark dream of an apple tree that promises that if he eats an apple that he will always have food, but to be careful not to lick to much. The next morning he finds everything he touches with his tongue turns to food.

It starts out as fun, but soon he finds turning everything to food has consequences.  Yes, it is a children’s book, so in theory you know there is going to be a happy ending.  Despite knowing all this, I felt every such empathy with Mark. I felt every one of his emotions. I wanted to help him and and the rest of his family.

The ending is perfect.  It is everything I wanted and more besides.  There was a sense of completeness to it, and yet also left the possibility of Mark having further adventures.

Other Information

childrens illustrated bookMark and the Magic Apple Tree is 63 pages long and filled with text and illustrations. It is available on Kindle


Roser Bosch’s Official Site

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Doctor Who 8.1 Deep Breath

A dinosaur swallows a TARDIS and ends up in Victorian London. It is a great start to the new Doctor Who series, although the dinosaur plays a minor role. In fact it gets cooked just so its optic nerve can be used. Yes, we have a droid from the dawn of time who is repairing himself by using humans and other living things. As it is Victorian London we also get to Vastra, Jenny and Strax thrown into the episode. But, you can tell it is Victorian London as someone thrown some straw onto the tarmac roads.


Mancini’s is the restaurant where you end up on the menu. Did the person who placed the newspaper advert know it was a droid filled spaceship? Did the want Doctor Who to defeat the droids or just die?
Why were the droids pretending to eat? Did they always do that on the off chance a normal customer came to get eaten? Though as the Doctor points out all restaurant are slaughterhouses unless they are vegetarian.

Peter Capaldi as Doctor Who

Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Who makes the usual confused post generation state. He has no clue on anyone’s name or what a bedroom is. We also learn the Doctor is now non-flirty. He plans not to flirt with Clara or female dinosaurs. When you consider the Doctor is around 2000 years old, and the average age of becoming a parent is 25. this means technically he is old enough to be Clara’s Great times 80 grandfather.

The new Doctor Who is also perplexed by his new face. He thinks its to old, although he still looks nothing like his actual age. He says he didn’t do the frowning so who frowned him his face? Well the people responsible for casting the show? However, maybe the writers are considering having some more meaningful point into the story.
He also has a bee in his bonnet about the mirrors being furious. Is this simple a reference to his new face or a storyline?
He also discovers he now has a Scottish accent. According to the Doctor this means he can complain a lot.
For more of the episode the new Doctor Who became a cross between Doctor Doolittle and Wee Willie Winkle. Despite this he still managed to put his own style into the show and it will be interesting to see how things develop.

The Mystery Woman

The next question is who wants the Doctor and Clara to work together? Who was the woman in the shop who gave Clara the TARDIS phone number? Was it the same person who placed the newspaper advertisement. Have the writers planned this story from the start or suddenly grasped at the chance to include it? Could the mystery shop woman be Missy?

Clara Oswald

At the start of the new series she seems slightly more feisty and control freakish than last series.
I think we also saw her less than sympathetic side. She was too quick to dump the Doctor just because he had change. She was prepared to leave him to be alone when he was still confused by the regeneration. Seems a little bit on the harsh side.

Matt Smith

Just when we thought we had seen the last of Matt Smith he phones up from Trenzalore. It added a nice little unexpected twist, but doesn’t explain why Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Who is so surprised he is old, after all he was told pre-regeneration.


Towards the end of the episode we meet Missy in The Promised Land complete with the droid who is still alive. Missy seems to be a bit of an evil Mary Poppins. She claims the Doctor is her boyfriend and loves her. Is she a replacement River and if she is why didn’t we just keep River?

Chakras: Why I no Longer Believe in Them

Chakras were once something I believed in. I believed in them so much I actually wrote a book on them. It is for that reason that I feel the need to write this post.

Do Chakras Heal?

I believed that working with chakras had helped me. Yet, now I no longer believe that they had the impact I thought.  In fact I think working with chakras at times prevented me from healing.

The healing I got from working with chakras came from the words and the change of thinking. Meditation helped me to relax. The chakras themselves did not help.

This is not to say that the Buddhists are wrong. I do not know about the Buddhist system – the western new age chakra system has altered from the traditional teachings.

There may also be some good chakra practitioners in the western world. I haven’t met them all. I am simply stating that going by my own experiences I no longer believe that they helped me

I no longer believe chakras exist in the metaphysical sense. Yes, there are the physical areas but I no longer see them as being anything else but the physical part of the body.

I wish I could write this post more prettily. I wish that I didn’t feel as though as I am attacking some lovely people. Many healers who work with chakras are lovely, this post is not a personal attack on them.

However, I feel it is something I have to say and that is chakras (and many others of my former thoughts ) are something that I no longer believe in and regret ever being involved with.

Yes, I may change my mind again….who knows. It is possible but at the minute, if I am honest, I simply feel relieved to be free of that stage of my life.


St Nectan’s Glen Flood 2004

St Nectan’s Glen was flooded on 16th August 2004 during the same rain storm that caused the Boscastle flood. The Boscastle flood made the national and international headlines. It was peak season in one of the most popular harbour towns in Cornwall and it was a miracle that nobody was killed. St Nectan’s Glen was also flooded but as it is a wood not a town and the tourists had left when it started to rain, nobody was hurt and nobody was rescued. St Nectan’s Glen though is a special place for many people. Many people wanted to know how it had faired. These pictures were taken on the path from Trethethy going towards the waterfall on the morning of 17th August 2004. The waterfall was shut that day but was undamaged. The surrounding land was affected as seen here. DSCF0001 DSCF0002 DSCF0003 DSCF0004 DSCF0005 DSCF0013 DSCF0014 DSCF0015 DSCF0017 DSCF0019 DSCF0020

The Last Changeling by F R Maher

the-last-changeling-fantasy-book-fairiesThe Last Changling (Enigma War Series) by F.R. Maher is an interesting book and it has a style of it own.  The concept is an interesting new twist on an old idea. It is a fantasy book full of fairies and fairytales.

For those who have an interest in Conan Doyle, and Sherlock Holmes it is fascinating. For those who have a love of fairies it is a fabulous read. For those, like me, with a love of both then it is a must read. It has mystery and thrills. It has twists and turns and a gripping storyline.

The Storyline and Plot

The storyline is outstanding. It’s strong and the action keeps going. The suspense builds nicely. It has every element a good storyline should have and I loved the ending.

There is a enough going on to keep the reader’s interest throughout, and make it so you do not want to put it down.

The Characters

The characters are good. They are the sort that you want to learn more about and get to know betters.

On the downside the characters have not been developed well, and are difficult to fully connect with.  I, and I guess other readers like to get to know characters so well we feel that we could invite them around for tea, and I didn’t get that feeling with this book. Don’t get me wrong though the characters are good, and interesting but just need that little extra something.

I always have such issues with referencing real people and events. It is my personal view that history I can’t claim to have met any of he people mentioned but I felt Conan Doyle was more Sherlock Holmes than Conan Doyle. Having said that I may be to heavily influenced by Arthur and George by Julian Barnes.  It is probably not fair to compare a Booker Prize nominated book to a self published book.


Descriptive Settings

The descriptive parts are very visual. It is easy to image the places being described. Some of the details don’t really add to the story, but  I love detail so I wouldn’t change it. Although some of the places are real I don’t personally know them, but feel I could not recognise them if I ever went there. For me this shows that the author has done her job well.

This is another definite strength to the book. The way it is written draws you into the author’s world and captivates and enchants.

Editing and Proofreading

There are a few proof reading issues,. and possibly a over reliance on auto spell checkers,  but at least some of them made me smile – if it raises a smile I guess it can be forgiven.

The Last Changeling Overall Thoughts

Overall the book is a good read, and well worth buying.  The strengths far outweigh the weaknesses.  For those that love fairies and fantasy it is the sort of book that will be able to build a strong fan base.

It has that something special that you cannot quite put your finger on but you know you love it magic about it.

Find Out More

Official Site 

Amazon UK: The Last Changeling (The Enigma Wars Book 1)
Amazon USA: The Last Changeling (The Enigma Wars) (Volume 1)

Lily Charmed Charm Necklace Review

lily charmed charm necklaceLily Charmed is a company that offer a wide range of charm bracelets, necklaces and earrings.
I recently was asked to review their products and received a gorgeous charm necklace. This is the Free Spirit charm necklace composing a shell charm with three rice pearls. It represents the adventurous spirit, the go-getters and the people who take action. For me, on a personal level, it represents the side of me I need to cultivate more often.

The first thing I noticed was how lovely the packaging was. Small touches can make a big difference. The ribbon around the box made it have look of being something extra special. The box was well designed so that the necklace and charm were well protected.

lily charmed charm necklace box
The necklace chain is a good length without being to short or to long. although there is the option of a longer chain if desired. The style of the chain also compliments the charms well. I have changed the chain on the majority of necklaces I have bought but I didn’t feel the need to switch the Lily Charmed chain.
The charm necklace itself is divine. It is delicate and very feminine. It looks good in the box, but it is one of those pieces that look even better worn. It has that little bit of class to it.

lily charmed
The charm necklace can be worn every day but also has enough style and elegance about it to be worn during the evening too. It is worth the price.

The Lily Charmed range is excellent. It is a great website for finding gifts for those people who are difficult to buy for.
The charms are available in Stirling silver with a matt satin or polished finished or vermeil gold. I already have a few charms in mind as future gifts for people,
The shorter length charm necklaces can be warn by children although they should not be left unsupervised. Although my son is still waiting for charm necklace more suited to boys.
They do have charms available of just about every occasion and person. They have more traditional style charms to more unusual ones – it is a fantastic range of charms. There are charms for birthdays, Christmas, graduations, weddings, spiritual charms and hobby related ones.

I am seriously in love with the tea cups and tea pots, but I have several charms in mind as future gifts for people.  If I ever find romantic love – then there are a number of charms my future beloved can buy me if they are reading this.
Lily Charmed is definitely worth checking out if you are looking for a beautiful and unique gift.

Lily Charmed is UK based but do ship internationally.

Fantasy Book Review: Prophecy of the Kings

DSC06220Fantasy book lovers will love the Prophecy of the Kings. It has everything a good fantasy book should have; from dwarves to dragons , wizards and a big battle. We have the ‘journey,’ and the friendship.

The author acknowledges that he is a fan of fantasy books, especially Lord of the Rings and this does show. There are points in the story where you can clearly see influences from other books. Writing something completely original though is not easy.

The four main characters are Kaplyn, Lars, Vastra and Lomar. They are all interesting, although their characters could be developed further. The four of them have their own distinct personality and they do work well together.

The settings are good and are well described. So it is easy to feel that you have been transported into the fantasy world.

The story is nothing new. A group of people try to save the world from demons. Yet, it is a story line that never grows old. So begins the quest to find Eldric who – hopefully – can the world from being taken over.

The book is quite complex so it may be one of those that you end up loving or hating. It will really depend what sort of reader you are.

There are three books in series which can be best read in their own right but do work best together.

The First Book Legacy of the Eldric The Prophecy of the Kings is a moving story that’s been described as bitter sweet. It follows Kaplyn, an Allund prince, who naively seeks an adventure before the tedium of court destroys him. He is swept into a furious cascade of events that sees his life completely upturned. A sorcerer, Vastra, recruits him to seek an Eldric talisman, but Vastra is greedy and lusts for power. Their journey traces the route the Eldric took hundreds of years ago and ends deep in the heart of a mountain where an ancient power resides. A cataclysm of forces disrupts the very foundation of the worlds and a rent in the fabric of space allows the spirit of a dead emperor to cross the Divide. Not content with destroying one world his ghostly gaze now alights on another. An epic fantasy set in a unique world as dragons, demons and guardian angels are set to clash.

This is a book with hidden depths and a strong storyline. It has clearly been well planned out and all the pieces work well together.

The Second Book Dragon Rider

Armies are gathering but Astalus, the Thracian court wizard, is in a quandary as to who to trust. Shocking news has arrived from an unlikely source. A spy, arrested brazenly entering the city, claims to be a prince from an extinct royal household, a household that was overthrown, the family members murdered over sixty years ago. Intriguingly, the spy’s claim to be from Allund is more than a coincidence, for the army marching against them is also from Allund. Who indeed to trust? The stranger brings with him news of an army from Trosgarth, which can only mean one thing. Drachar’s shade has been summoned and the Prophecy is coming to pass. Old alliances are broken and many monarchs slain. No sign yet exists of the king predicted by the Prophecy, who will save them all. Astalus, normally so certain and confident, is suddenly plummeted into his worst nightmare, for soon Thrace could be threatened by demons and, against them, there is no salvation. In a land fraught with betrayal, fear and death, the shadows are deepening.

Leading on the from the Legacy of the Eldric this continues the story and the action kicks off straight away.
This is a good story but it does drag in places and could maybe do with some editing. Having said that though it is still a compelling read and does draw you in enough to keep you wanting to read on until the end
As the name suggests there are a good amount of dragons in this book. There is also betrayal and friendships tested.

The Third Book Shadow of the Demon

Why should you read The Prophecy of the Kings? It is pure escapism. Find yourself engrossed in a world where good and evil strive in an epic battle for domination. It has fast action, tremendous characterisation and a unique plot. Feel remorse for Kaplyn, the hero, as he is taken to the very brink of despair when his world is plunged into nightmare

Kaplyn seeks an adventure to impress his brothers but instead his life is ripped apart. In a clash of powers his shaol (guardian spirit), is replaced with the spirit of a dead emperor. Shastlan is evil. He has summoned dragons to his world and then fallen under their spell. With their aid he has destroyed his world and his ghost wanders the land in misery, seeking the companionship of others but shunned by his own realisation of dire deeds that cannot be undone.

Kaplyn experiences the horrors of the demon world, and he sees souls damned to eternal horror. And yet, as low as his life has become, Kaplyn is seen as a saviour. He, too, summons a dragon and he fights off a demon attack. But deep down his soul is restless, he senses that dragons are evil, he dare not lead the army, and yet there seems to be no option. The power of the demons and the spirit world far exceeds any defence the people might raise.

Astalus has returned bearing good news. He has found an Eldric spell book and, in particular, a spell to summon dragons. The allies march north to confront the Trosgarth’s growing might, but the people of Trosgarth have been busy. Warrior priests can now communicate across the battlefield using their shaol, death knights have been resurrected, and in the air grakyn are supported by a new threat–a demon/dragon hybrid. To make matters worse, Astalus discovers that the power that Kaplyn and Vastra recovered so long ago can open a permanent gateway to the demon world. Drachar is finally free and he and all his minions will march from the very depths of hell. Astalus knows all of this through a demon that has possessed him.

The army marches to its fate, unaware of the trap awaiting them. Prince Fiad leads them. Will he be the army’s salvation or damnation? The men mutter, uncomfortable in the knowledge that, at the final battle, a king will not lead them against the tides of evil. Drachar is poised, his death knights ready to tear the army apart.

This is a fantastic end to this fantasy book trilogy and is almost definitely the best book out of the three, If you liked the first two books you will love this one.


Prophecy of the King Description

A storm of powers has set free the spirit of a dead emperor on a world on the brink of war. Shastlan, usurper and murderer, has destroyed one world and is unleashed on another.

The fate of the world hangs in the balance. The might of Trosgarth is ready to spill forth its armies. The enemy has not been idle and since their defeat in the legendary Krell Wars, new sources of evil have been found. Priests of Ryoch communicate across the battlefield, their shaol (guardian spirits) making them omnipotent warriors. Demons, krell, grakyn and death knights unite to turn the tide of war. In the background Drachar’s shade manipulates both sides, trying to deny the Prophecy from coming to pass.

Into this frenzy, three men, Kaplyn, Vastra and Lars, seek the Eldric. Saviours of the Krell Wars, a race that mysteriously disappeared from the land many years ago; their sorcery was the only power to defeat the demons. Now they are gone and to all effects the people are powerless against the growing threat. And then dragons are discovered. But are they saviours or betrayers? Kaplyn will be taken to the brink of madness in his efforts to save the land, and only then will he understand the full threat that is Shastlan. In a land fraught with betrayal, fear and death, the shadows are deepening.

Caistor, Lincolnshire

Caistor is a quirky little town that can be found on the edge of the Lincolnshire Wolds. It has great potential when looking for a setting for a fantasy novel or story.  It has a rich history and is a town which oozes character.

It is a little Roman market town. The name Caistor is derived from the Latin word, ‘castra,’ which means camp.

Caistor is made up of series of squares – Market Place, Buttermarket, Cornhill and Horsemarket. There are fifty seven grade II listed buildings throughout the town. In the centre of the market place there is the town pump which dates to 1897 and commemorated the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria. Under the pump there use to be public toilets although they have now been closed (filed in?)

The Romans settled here, possible attracted to its because of its natural spring, natural defences and the supply of iron ore from Claxby nearby. Coins dating back to AD 69 and the Roman occupation have been found in the area. Parts of the Roman wall can still be seen today. At one time seven and a half miles were encircled by the wall.

In 1086 there were fifty two families living in Caistor according to the Doomsday survey.

Caistor was an early ecclesiastical centre and may have been the sight of a monastery which used the walled centre as its precinct. This would explain the market being to the east outside of the walls. In 1536 the Lincolnshire Uprising and Pilgrimage of the Grace took place. This  lead to the dissolution of the monasteries.

In 1681 Caistor was nearly destroyed by a great fire. Most of the timber framed houses were destroyed and forty five families were made homeless. Several people were killed. It cost £6, 786 to repair the  town and it was rebuilt in the red brick that is still seen today. Caistor also suffered badly during the plague.

In more modern times people would herd their sheep from Caistor over the Wolds to market.

Caistor Church St Peter and St Paul

The Church is a Grade I listed building. It is open daily for prayer and meditation.

In a glass class to the left as you walk into church is the Gad Whip. This was traditionally cracked on Palm Sunday and held above the vicar’s head during the service.

There are also medieval effigies of two knights and a lad which date from the 14th century

The chancel was rebuilt in the 1848 and the church in general was restored in 1863.

Part of the existing Roman wall can be found at the rear of the church. It is marked with a plaque but it is often overgrown.

The warmest and most comfy part of the church is the choir seating.


Caistor Grammar School

Caistor Grammar was founded in 1630. The stone of the front of the school is inscribed with a quote from Homer’s ilad which means, ‘Always to Excel,’ which is the school’s motto.

The school’s library is now housed in the former Congregational church which has a graveyard at the rear.

The school is said to be built of the site of a ancient battle site. Think hand to hand sword fighting.



No town with a history as long as Caistor can be ghost free. The Grammar School is said to be haunted by a former student who died in the boarding block.

There is also a stone at Fonaby top which use to be a bag of corn.  It belonged to a selfish farmer who refused to share it with a holy man. So the holy man said, ‘Then stone it will be,’ and so it was. Anyone who attempts to move the stone is cursed.

More Information

List of listed Buildings in Caistor

Tintagel, North Cornwall

tintagel cornwallA Place of Magic and Legend

Tintagel is located on the north coast of Cornwall. It is a place which is full of magic and enchantment. It attracts visitors from all over the world. Some are drawn towards it for its quaintness and others for its King Arthur connection, others still for the inspiration it offers painters and writers.  With its wild rugged rocks Tintagel can be a place of tranquillity in good weather and bleak in winter. The hauntingly beautiful coastline

History of Tintagel

The name  Tintagel originally only applied to the island where the castle is located. In modern times it relates to the seven hamlets; Treven, Trevalga, Trethevy, Trevena, Trebarwith, Bossiney, and Tregatta.

Trevena is the hamlet in the main street of Tintagel where the shops are.  Its Cornish name is Tre war Vendyh which means village on a mountain.

It is a place with a rich history that dates back at least to the Roman times.

There are many shops and cafes here, although some may be shut in winter. There are also a number of gift shops.

Tintagel Castle

Tintagel castle is a ruin, and there is not much left of it. It was built in the 12th century.

The legends and magic of Tintagel has stood the test of time far better than the castle itself. It is claimed that it may be the birth of Kind Arthur. You will have to decide for yourself as to if King Arthur’s parents; Uther Pendragon and the Queen of Cornwall met here. There are also the remains of a monastery.

Tintagel castle does have a video room in which you can watch the film, ‘Searching for King Arthur.’

The castle is accessed via a long, steep path. The public are not allowed to drive down here and must either walk or take the land rover service if it is running.

Once at Tintagel castle there are two choices. To the left is a very steep and long set of steps leading up to the castle on the mainland and to the right are the steps leading to the island. It is a good idea to take a bottle of water with you.

It is possible to turn of the path leading down to the castle and access the castle via the coast path. This can be easier as you then will walk down the steep steps rather than up them.

If you step onto Tintagel castle beach you will find two tunnels, The smaller one is man made and leads to the meadow about the cliff. The larger cave is known as Merlin’s cave and is said to be where Merlin once resisted and according to legend still does.

Tintagel castle often runs events so it is worth checking out what is on and planning your visit.

The Old Post Office

The old post office at Tintagel is a fourteenth century building with the craziest topsy turvy slate roof.  Although it is the former post office it started life as a yeoman’s farmhouse. In fact it was only a post office for a short time during the Victorian era, when it was used  as a letter receiving station.

Stepping into this building is like journeying back in time and fuels the imagination as to what life was once like. It is filled with Victorian postal equipment and 16th century furniture.

Tintagel old post office  is now owned by the National Trust and was their first built property in Cornwall.

Outside there is as a Roman milestone which dates back to 250 AD

St Materiana Church

St Materiana is the main church in Tintagel and is set high up on the cliff top. It is believed there has been a church on this site since the 6th century. The current church was built between 1058 and 1150., whilst the tower is late 11th or 12th century.  It has a Grade I listing. It is believed that it started as a sister church to the nearby Minister church at Boscastle.

In the church is a stained glass window and and statue dedicated to Saint Materiana.

There is both a north door and a south door. Both date from around the 14th century, although the north door is probably the older of the two.

Saint Materiana is a little known saint and is patron of three churches. Two of these churches are in Cornwall; Tintagel and is neighbouring village Boscastle, and the third is located in Wales.

She is believed to have been a 5th century princess, and the eldest daughter of  King Votimer the Blessed.

The church also has portraits of Saint George and Saint Piran, There are three modern copies of old master paintings.  It has a peel of six bells which dates from 1735 to 1945.

Outside there is a Roman milestone which bears the name of Emperor Lincinius (d. 324)

King Arthur’s Great Halls

The Great Halls are found at the main junction as you come into the centre of Tintagel. Although the halls were built a long time after King Arthur’s time it is still a gem of a find.  It was built in the 1930s by Frederick Thomas Glasscock who used it as meeting place for Order of the Fellowship of the Knights of the Round Table.

It does contain a round table and a throne, as well as artwork and books themed around King Arthur.

This is a very impressive looking hall and well worth  a visit if you are in Tintagel.

Rocky Valley, Labyrinth

tintagel rocky valleyRocky Valley is jut outside of the main part of Tintagel. It is located in the hamlet of Trethevy close to the lay-by. It is also on the South West Coast Path that leads around Cornwall.

There are two mills in the valley; Trevillet Mill and Trethevy Mill. Trevillet mill is used as private residence (sometimes as a tea garden) and Trethevy mill is a ruin. Trethevy mill was used in the 18th century as to produce woollen products.

Rocky Valley has the Cornish name Glynn Duwy. It a steep valley on the river Duwy. Duwy means, ‘dark river.’

This is a little utopia for nature lovers and is home to a range of plants, flowers and 161 different types of moss.

What Rocky Valley is really famous for is the labyrinth carvings which are believed to date from the Bronze Age ( 1800 – 1400 BC). Modern scholars disagree with this and argue that they were made with metal tools and less than three hundred.

In 2005 it was claimed that there was a third fainter labyrinth and the two modern labyrinths are a copy of them. This has not be confirmed.

It is owned by the National Trust, also its free to access.

St Nectan’s Glen

St Nectan’s Glen is further up the river from Rocky Valley (although there are accessed from different points).

Although the entire woody area is known as St Nectan’s Glen the waterfall is the main attraction.

Here you will also find the hermitage of St Nectan’s where you can light a candle or say a prayer. There is also a cafe where you can have a cup of tea or a scone.

The waterfall is known as St Nectan’s Kieve. It is 60ft high and falls through into a basin. It almost looks as it is man made but the flow of water have carved this waterfall out naturally.

When Saint Nectan lived here he rang a silver bell when there was stormy weather to warn boats there were nearing the cliff. It is said that the bell can still be heard.

According to legend there is also some ‘treasure,’ hidden under the stream. In the past people tried to dig here and find the treasure but a voice told them the child who could claim the treasure had not yet be born.

Legend also claims King Arthur and his knights came here to be blessed.

In recent times it has been adorned with spiritual offerings. So there are many ribbons, crystal, candles, photos and other items left here. Please always treat place in nature with respect and remember that thousands of people visit such sites and one offering can soon multiply.

It is been classed as a site of Special Scientific Interest.

Access  to the glen is free, but the waterfall and hermitage is a commercial business. There is also a cafe there where you


Condolden Barrow

Condolden barrow is hard to miss as you look towards the hillside of Tintagel. The sheer size of this burial site indicates that an important lies here. According to legend it is the gave of Lady Isolde.  Historians think it may be Cador, the 6th century King of Cornwall. Cador also makes an appearance as one of King Arthur’s knight.

Other Places Nearby

Further afield from Tintagel although keeping on the King Arthur theme 15 miles away on Bodmin moor is Dozymary Pool where Lady of the Lake is said to have lived.  Nearby Camelford may have been Camelot and Slaughterbridge is believed to be the place of King Arthur’s death.

Fantasy Books Based on Tintagel

Mists of Avalon

Morgaine, gifted with the Sight and fated with her brother-lover’s doom, recounts the glorious tragedy of Camelot’s brief flowering – not as a tale of knightly deeds, but as a woman’s rounded view of society in the crucible of change.

Through the lives of pious Guinevere, ambitious Morgouse, austere Viviane and her successor as Lady of the Lake, Morgaine herself, this rich and haunting epic reveals a greater threat to the idyll than the Saxons. For the spread of patriarchal Roman ways and a narrow Christianity seem likely to alienate the Old People, and drive the ancient worship of the Mother forever into the mists…

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Tales of Tintagel Dragon
Why is the roof of Tintagel’s Old Post Office so curvy?
Why is there a hole in the waterfall at St Nectan’s Glen?
What caused the plane crash in Tintagel in 1979?
How did a small boy survive being swept out to sea at Trebarwith Strand in 1973?
How did a father and son survive a similar accident at Bossiney in 1998?
The answer to all these questions is: The Tintagel Dragon did it!
If you like dragons, you will love the Tintagel Dragon.
He is young and lonely.
He needs a friend.
Dragons have chosen to become invisible because, for many centuries, only stories of evil dragons were told. But not all dragons are bad. Now Jill Lamede reveals the childhood of a friendly creature, The Tintagel Dragon, and tells his side of the truth.

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Amazon UK: Tales of the Tintagel Dragon